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Celebrate the Grill Master | A Guide to the Perfect Grill Night

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We think it’s quite convenient that Father’s Day comes at the peak of grilling season, because for many dads out there, Father’s Day wouldn’t be the same without a big, juicy piece of meat and his family gathered around the grill outside! Now, we know this isn’t true for everyone, but what dad could turn down a day spent cooking and eating with his loved ones? Keep reading to find out all of our favorite grilling tips for making the perfect burger and a DIY gift that the man of the hour is sure to love!

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Now that we’ve given away our secrets, use them to your advantage to surprise the rest of the family with the most delicious burger they’ve ever had.

And be sure to check out this delicious DIY BBQ rub! Perfect for a Father’s Day present, or any occasion, and it even has printable tags too!

DIY bbq rub, grill night recipes

This recipe is very forgiving and loves substitutions, so add or subtract whatever you (or dad!) would like! It’s a great all-purpose rub that can be used on anything from beet and pork, to salmon and veggies!
2 tablespoons kosher salt || 2 tablespoons smoked paprika || 1 tablespoon cumin || 1 tablespoon granulated garlic || 1 tablespoon chili powder || 1 tablespoon brown sugar || 2 teaspoons freshly ground pepper || 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper || 1 teaspoon ground mustard || 1 teaspoon ground coriander
Mix everything together and place in a jar that can be sealed tight!

 Click here for printable tags


Don’t forget to check out all of the new recipes stuffed with deliciousness for a perfect grill night for the family!

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