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Nov 22 0

Our Brand New Website, Just For YOU!


Chef & Shower has a New Look!

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Chef & Shower | Easton Maryland | Site Launch



We are so excited to introduce the new version of Chef & Shower (.com) and hope that all of our visitors and soon-to- be patrons are as well! We think that you will find a plethora of useful stuff on our site, including:

Recipes? Check. (Oh, just you wait.)

Featured Products? Check.

Events? Of course. We offer food tastings, product demos, and book signings on the reg. We like to keep things interactive, shall we say? (Another huge plus of operating a retail location!)

Registry? You know it. Like you, we’re just getting started on this, and let us tell you the sky’s the limit! We sell all of the home essentials for starting or adding to your productive, domesticated experience… plus, all of the smart party stuff too! Fun & functional – it’s part of our motto.

Newsletter? Check.Which is AMAZING by the way. In fact, signup now and receive 15% off your next purchase (for a limited time). There is so much culinary inspiration and “did you know” knowledge in these, it would be kind of ridiculous not to (your choice though).

And much more, including lots of local Eastern Shore fare.

Take some time to look around, and we hope that you will return on a regular basis.
Thank you so much for visiting… and let us know how we can help!

Chef & Shower | Footer | Easton Maryland | Kitchen Store

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